Research Projects - Technical Reports


Hydrogeological investigation of Chanopoulo healing spring.

Hydrogeological, radiological and chemical investigations but also microbiological analysis of healing springs hosted in Trifos, Kremasta, Mourstianou, Kelova, Stahti and Myrtia area. Aitoloakarnania Prefecture.

Study of the abiotic and biotic parameters of the drained Mouria Lake aiming its reflooding. Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology.


Monitoring the quality of drinking water of the most amenable to pollution fire stroked areas of Ilia Prefecture. Ilia Prefecture.

Hydrogeological research in the wider area of Kyllini thermal spring. Municipality of Kastro Kyllinis.

2007 Research on the investigation of the mechanisms that control quality deterioration of groundwater in the Corinth Prefecture by natural processes and human activities using hydrochemical and isotope methods together with GIS and simulation models. Research Committee, University of Patras (K. Karatheodori).

Investigation of the healing properties of water and soil resources in the broader area of Messologi Aitoliko lagoon. Region of Western Greece.

Network of Laboratories. Ministry.

2005 Research on the potential hydraulic connection between Drakotrypa sink and Kakotari spring by using tracer tests. Region of Western Greece.
2004 Research on the hydrochemical processes that lead to the pollution of coastal aquifers in Gargalianoi region, Messinia due to overexploitation. Research Committee, University of Patras (K. Karatheodori).
2003 Hydrogeological research aiming to cover the drinking water needs of Messinia Municipality. Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewage of Messinia.

Hydrogeological research in the broader area of Malia Municipality, Heraklion Crete. Municipality of Malia.

Protection of aquifers from nitrate pollution of agricultural origin. Hellenic Ministry for the Environment.


Hydrogeological research in Gouves, Heraklion Crete. Municipality of Gouves, Greece.

Hydrogeological research in the broader area of Mohos Municipality, Heraklion, Crete. Municipality of Mohos.

1998 Hydrogeological research on the application of artificial recharge in the aquifer of Emparos Crete hosted in conglomerate formations. Community of Emparos.

Hydrogeological research on water resources in the broader area of Patras. Municipality of Patras.

Hydrogeological research in the Pediada area, Kastelli Crete. Development Association "Southern Pediada”.

1993 Environmental research in lakes hosted in Aitoloakarnania Prefecture. Hellenic Ministry for the Environment.

Hydrogeological research on Kaiafas and Kyllini thermal springs. EOT

Hydrogeological research in Xerolaka area, Municipality of Patras. Municipality of Patras.




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